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MTS is the leading telecommunications group in Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, that services over 100 million mobile subscribers. Searching for a partner to power a new mobile TV service MTS has reviewed many offerings on the market and has chosen SPB to provide a white label mobile TV solution that would include feature-rich multiplatform mobile client and scalable server platform.

SPB has licensed SPB TV client and server technology for streaming and transcoding to create branded mobile TV service MTS TV. MTS TV enables subscribers to watch LIVE and on demand content on their mobile devices using user-friendly mobile client. Software client can be downloaded on Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile, iPhone/iPad, bada, or BlackBerry devices or accessed via WAP browser on feature phones.

Along with the client-side software SPB has integrated server-side components MTS's billing system powering the in-app subscription. The solution enables MTS TV viewers to access a list of channels with preview pictures and subscribe to chosen content in one click.

MTS TV Promotional Video:



iPhone Main Screen iPhone TV Guide

iPhone Main Screen

iPhone TV Guide

Android Main Screen bada Main Screen

Android Main Screen

bada Main Screen

Symbain Main Screen Symbain TV Guide

Symbain Main Screen

Symbain TV Guide

iPhone full screen

iPhone Picture-in-Picture Mode

Android On-Screen Controls

Android On-Screen Controls


“We have done an extensive research into the market before launching MTS TV and evaluated many mobile TV solutions to power our new service. What differentiates SPB solution from other offerings is a quality of mobile TV watching experience it provides across all mobile devices. SPB solution includes features that make mobile TV watching very natural. The collaboration with SPB will allow us to fulfill the expectations of MTS subscribers on the highest level.”

Pavel Roytberg, 
Internet Projects Director,
MTS Group